Top 5 Best Cayman Islands Resorts on 7 mile beach

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(7 Mile Beach-Grand Cayman)

Here I’ll present you the top 5 best Cayman Islands resorts on 7 mile beach. The Cayman Islands were recently rated the best vacation destination in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor. The Cayman Islands were also among Trip Advisor’s top 25 vacation destinations in the world, and 7 mile beach was rated the 7th best beach in the world. Could be that the Cayman Islands having the highest standard of living in the Caribbean might help.

Based on all these great ratings there must be something great about the Cayman Islands that the word is getting out. Well, I can attest to that because I just booked a trip there for my wife and I next month, can’t wait!

Here I will just be looking at Grand Cayman, the big island. Little Cay and Cayman Brac are fine destinations no doubt but are fairly isolated and tend to draw mostly divers to some of the clearest waters in the world. There are just a handful of resorts on each of these small islands so we are just taking a look at Grand Cayman and 7 mile beach in particular because that is the main beach there and hey, it’s rated the 7th best in the entire world! There aren’t a lot of other beaches on Grand Cayman anyway.

So if you are looking for a great resort on 7 mile beach, there’s not a whole lot to choose from, there’s only has 19 resorts rated for the entire island, this is no Cancun with it’s 200+ huge resorts. This is a place where you go to slowdown with crystal clear water, little to no waves, white sand and a small hotel.

So after much research, here are the top 5 best Cayman Islands resorts on 7 mile beach. Here are the current rankings as of April 24, 2013.

1. Caribbean Club

2. Ritz-Carlton

3. Westin Casuarina

4. Sunshine Suites Resort

5. Grand Cayman Beach Suites


What a beach!

Now if you have seen some of my other lists like the top 10 all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean,  you’ll realize that these hotels, aside from the Caribbean Club and Ritz-Carlton aren’t really very highly rated, in fact they are probably just above average, which doesn’t say much for the other 14 hotels on Grand Cayman. I think that just goes with a only having a small number of hotels to choose from and less competition.

You can also read about me and my wife’s recent trip to the Cayman Island here.

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